Cemetery Maintenance

As most of you are aware, around 2005, a number of descendants of St. Columban (now spelled as Saint-Colomban), banded together to restore the old Irish cemetery of our ancestors in the community.
It took until about 2011 for us to raise the funds; and determine how we would proceed. Many of tombstones had been broken beyond repair and simply thrown in the bush near the cemetery. Eventually we decided to build three walls and were able to insert the fragments of these tombstones in the walls. It was a great project, and we are all proud of the result.
So, we have now been informed that it costs the Parish of Saint-Colomban about $ 4000. (Canadian) annually to maintain the cemetery. Unfortunately, the Parish like so many Catholic Churches in North America is struggling financially with a declining membership and increasing costs for maintenance of not only the cemetery, but the Church too.
All to say, that if any of you have the resources, and time to make a donation toward the maintenance of the cemetery, it would be greatly appreciated.
If you are so inclined, a check could be sent with a note that the amount is for “Cemetery Maintenance” to:
Paroise Saint-Colomban
342 B, montee de L’Eglise
Saint-Columban, Quebec, Canada
J5K 2H9
Attention: Beatrice Daoust, Cemetery Funding
Thanks, you all for considering….