Purcell Family - Irish Notes

Parish of Gowran, Kilkenny Notes
1809-1881 Diocese of Ossory- Baptisms & Marriages
LDS Film # 0926194
Baptisms & Marriages:
Chronological: Transcribed by Norma Mair

Parents: Sponsors: Date: Childs Name:

Lawrence Purcell & Catherine Fitzgerald
Mary Muldowney: Mary Brophy 12-12-1809 Patrick

William Purcell Nancy Curran 11-16-1810 Elinor
Mary Forestell

McLaughlin - Grace

This is a short version of the beginnings of the McLaughlin family in St. Columban:

St. Columban Trip – October 1st 2005

Saturday, October 1st 2005, was beautiful, bright and sunny day when 17 descendants and /or researchers of St. Columban met in the parking lot of the Church at St. Columban, Quebec.

Memories from Ken Neil

Sadly I do not have any of the wonderful memories of spending happy childhood times in St. Columban such as those of  Fergus, Kelley or Sean. By the time I came along the Delaneys had long left the Parish. Therefore my memories are just snippits of information that my grandfather would suddenly remember and recount to us. He always talked, almost longingly, about St. Columban and the farm as if he had lived there all his life. His mother Margaret Delaney instilled in him the love of the Irish and the importance of their St. Columban roots.

The Delaneys of St. Columban

Memories of St. Columban
by Ken Neil

Memories from Sean Delaney

I have plenty of memories of St Columban! Here is one, I remember rolling down Ernie & Mamie McAndrew's driveway on a modified old baby carriage (the bottom assembly) with my brother... over and over! Also who can forget the large rock on their property! I use to play with my "Hot Wheels" on that Rock!

Memories from Fergus Keyes

Ernie & Mary (Mamie) McAndrew’s place.

We also visited the Ernie & Mary (Mamie) McAndrew’s farm. When I was older, once or twice, I took the Provincial bus and went to visit them for a few days. The bus would stop around Bonnibrooke Golf Course and I would walk the rest of the way.

Memories from Kelley O’Rourke

Although the Skelly farm belongs to the past, the memories of the wonderful family and friends who lived there, linger on. My grandmother had great memories growing up in St. Columban: “I remember how much the “Big Rock” at the left of the driveway played a part in the family lives. Children always played on and around it. It was a place we all gathered for family pictures;

Claude Bourguignon's Various Collected Memories

(Each of these collected memories from Claude are presented first in English, and then in French. Thanks to Anne McLaughlin for translating these stories)

"The road to school"

Claude Bourguignon, ethnologist

Maison Keyes

La vieille maison Keyes située sur le lot 1011 (52 cadastre de 1860) est actuellement en rénovation. La ferme a connu plusieurs propriétaires depuis que Charles Chené, agriculteur de la paroisse de St-Benoit, l’a acquit des Sulpiciens le 4 février 1822. Le 26 février 1831 Joseph Houle, cultivateur de la Rivière du Nord, paroisse de Ste-Scholastique vend un lopin de terre de 1 ½ arpent par 10 avec une maison et une écurie à John Ryan, cultivateur de la Rivière du Nord, paroisse Ste-Scholastique.


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